Music from Armenia – Avyun

I hope my fellow fairy tale lovers like this Armenian music. The song is “Fairy Tale” by Avyun, a Folk Art Rock Band.

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Avyun is a Folk Art Rock Band from Armenia .

Here is their song “Fairy Tale ” Sorry found no further information ;_(

Edit – received a message from the band – see what they wrote to me :

Աւիւն – avyun Avyun was founded in 2013. Musicians are all from a small town in Armenia Vanadzor, famous for its’ rock-culture, as many bands have come out of there. Avyun members are: Davit Galstyan-bass guitars, Davit Grigoryan-guitars (and they paralelly play in another ethnic new metal band Vordan Karmir), Edgar Sargsyan-guitars and Christine Kolyan-vocals. The home-page is not ready yet. Avyun in Armenian means ” the movement of desire”. Thank you for your appreciation

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15 thoughts on “Music from Armenia – Avyun

  1. Of course the band sees all the comments 🙂 We are all very flattered, that you liked our music, thank you so much !!! 🙂


    • I’m so happy that the band gets to enjoy the attention. Making art is such hard work, and the appreciation can be long in coming! Your song fits beautifully with all the fairy tale lovers here.


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