The Kitchen Witch


Some moments are magical, like the moment a ladybug lands on your hand. Or the moment a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis and stretches out its wings. The moment a frog’s tadpole tail is gone forever, and its legs have fully grown. The moment Bella met the kitchen witch was a moment like that.

The kitchen witch looked like any other mom. She tied her hair in a ponytail, she was taller than the refrigerator, and she was wearing yoga pants with a loose shirt. She welcomed Bella and her mother, then she rushed around the kitchen opening the oven, stirring this, sprinkling salt on that, shaking frying pans.

She smiled and said, “Don’t touch a thing, it will all be ready on time.” She disappeared. Bella looked at the pictures in her favorite book about fairies and butterflies. Her mother sipped a glass of wine. When the kitchen witch reappeared, she was wearing a pretty dress, her earrings were swinging, and her hair was combed around her face. She had transformed, just like a butterfly.

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