Snowdrop Spring

Snowdrops appear; 
Robin Redbreast 
draws near.
Spring is best. 

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Have you been vaccinated? The news this spring being shared among friends is: who is vaccinated, who received what shot, and, my favorite, the person’s reaction to the jab. People are announcing their vaccination on social media, sometimes sparking jealousy, triggering criticism, or opening the door to identity theft. I have occasionally felt a tinge of jealousy, but rather than focusing on that, I’ve decided to view this news as snowdrops after winter — a sign that spring is near. Soon our long quarantines will be over, and we can all enjoy the sunshine. When my opportunity comes, I plan to take it. If we all get the vaccine, maybe we can extinguish this virus.

31 thoughts on “Snowdrop Spring

  1. This shot of the plants rings in optimism for a brighter tomorrow. Our vaccination appointment just got canned because the stock of jabs at private hospital got over. The poem is effortless and reason for us to believe in the extraordinary.

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  2. I so enjoyed this upbeat spring poem and photo, Brenda. I, too, have not been allowed to get the vaccine yet, and it’s hard to be so brave, espec. since many people who have been vaccinated are healthy and younger and not working on the front line. I, like you, try to stay focused on the beauty of spring. It won’t be long now….

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  3. while many of my fellow teachers received their shot and i had not yet, i tried to think about the more people the better, good for the whole and that helped me to patiently wait my turn. love your spring scene -)

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