You Can’t Cancel Spring


Daffodils break through old leaves
beside the greening grass,
and warming sunshine draws
tiny caterpillars from their eggs. 

The outdoors are beginning to hum.
You can cancel school,
close doors, quarantine inside,
but you can’t cancel spring.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This is partially inspired by a BBC article written by Will Gompertz on David Hockney, who is painting the spring in Normandy. Thank you Will Gompertz and David Hockney.

It’s also inspired by mini-daffodils in my front yard. Years ago, I bought a palm-sized pot of them for Easter, all yellow and optimistic. After they faded, I planted the spiky greens. Each year, they are a tiny joy, still palm-sized. Remember to notice the tiny joys.

To readers in the Southern Hemisphere where autumn leaves may be falling, you are in my heart as well.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Shelter for yourself and for all of us. May the magic find you.

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