Done and Dusted


A butterfly
lands beside my bench,
so trusting.

Why do I
feel a sudden need
for dusting?

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Am I the only one who thinks some butterflies look dusty? And like Really BIG bugs! Twenty years ago, a butterfly landed on my shoulder, and I was intimidated by its size and long legs so close to my nose. But I restrained myself and didn’t dust it.

The photograph was taken in the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory. Butterflies in nature have become rare. One landed on my son’s hat, and after it finally flew away, he waited for us in the cafe. It reminded me that my first time wasn’t perfectly positive either. Humor often lurks in our less than sterling moments.

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to the illustrious poet Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at the Poem Farm for hosting! Sadly, I had to increase my blog security, and, as a result, often can’t link up. But I’m still quietly joining in from afar and providing links.

Poetry Friday Heron

25 thoughts on “Done and Dusted

  1. Hi dear Brenda – I think some do have that more dusty aspect & others are all satin & glimmer. Because of our Florida climate & dedicated tending in hot weather to plants making blooms with what the B’s like, in season such as now, we have the never-to-be-taken-for-granted gift to see them every day. Wishing there were more wildflower fields & plantings where they were as prolific as before. Thank you for these important B stories! Weekend joy to your world from Jan/Bookseedstudio

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  2. I’ve never considered butterflies “dusty,” but I’ll be looking closer now! I just released five monarchs yesterday. What a joy! On another note, I’m so sorry that you had to increase your blog security. What a bummer!

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  3. I love butterflies. Luckily, in Raleigh, there are butterflies everywhere… I guess it doesn’t hurt that I’ve planted a bunch of flowers to attract them

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