Different Colored Days


Sometimes I feel yellow,
or slow, green and dragging
or even a rapid-raging red.
But more often are the days
where my feelings are as
mixed as a flowerbed.

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss links color and emotion and makes it possible to talk to very young children about feelings in a tangible way. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! His birthday is Saturday (March 2).

Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Linda Baie at TeacherDance for hosting on such an auspicious occasion.

39 thoughts on “Different Colored Days

    • It’s hard to get a good photo in the floral department, without plastic wrap intruding, but this one worked out. And it worked for my tribute to Dr. Seuss, who changed children’s literature, for the better.


  1. I just saw you had a fall, and am glad all is better without “extra” things, Brenda. I was just going to mention “My Many Colored days”, a favorite, and then you shared it, too. I love your ‘flower bed’ of feelings. Days can be like that!

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