Inside the Tree


stories inside trees,
art finds what’s hidden
in us all

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Poetry Friday tomorrow! Thanks to Jone Rush MacCulloch at Check it Out for hosting!

I found this woman carved into a tree stump, and I knew her story was still being told. This post is a valentine to the stories that live in all of us. Spoken or hidden, our stories matter. They make us who we are.

35 thoughts on “Inside the Tree

  1. This makes me think of a German lied – Ruhe, Meine Seele: Not even a soft breeze stirs, in gentle sleep the wood rests, through the leaves dark veil, bright sunlight steads. Rest, Rest my soul. So that is what is hidden inside me remembered lyrics :).

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  2. Fabulous poem paired with wood art. Thanks for the special valentine “to the stories that live in all of us.” I plan on sharing this with teachers as a wonderful example of nature photography inspiring writing. Thanks, Brenda.

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