Asters in Autumn


As my to-do lists lengthen
and a whale of wrapping awaits,
I’m thankful for a moment
to focus
on asters in autumn.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: As Tabatha Yeatts put it, the holiday hubbub has started, but it’s all the more important to find a quiet moment to reflect on beauty that recurs every year, without a bit of effort on my part. Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Elizabeth Steinglass for hosting!

Poetry Friday with kids

28 thoughts on “Asters in Autumn

  1. Ah. yes. The whale of wrapping. You got it, sista! I wish that part was more fun for me than it is. I need to turn on some good netflix shows and grab some cocoa. These asters are so perfectly accompanied by your poetry. Are they encased in ice? They look like it in the photo.

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  2. A whale of wrapping — I hear you! Lovely to see these flowers today and read your poem, Brenda. I needed the splash of color and sound — “asters in autumn.”

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