Firecracker Red


firecracker red roses
bring back sangria-sweetened
hot afternoons

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Yesterday, we celebrated July 4th at a neighbor’s blowout party, with BBQ, salads, sangria, minty Pimms cocktails, lemonade and bonhomie, despite the paint-blistering heat. Thanks to David, Julie and all their other guests. The heat is forecast to break tomorrow with thundershowers and much-needed rain. Yay! Hope you have a magical rest of the week.

Happy Poetry Friday tomorrow and thanks to the Miss Rumphius Effect for hosting!

Poetry Friday with kids

33 thoughts on “Firecracker Red

  1. Oh, I just enjoyed some sangria the other day–first time in ages! I love your inspired use of it as an adjective! I’m so sorry to hear about your continuing eye problems and wish you the best! Take care!

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  2. Gorgeous roses, Brenda! We need rain too, it hasn’t be so hot and dry for years and years.
    So sorry to read about your eyes. We keep our fingers crossed for the surgery!
    Love and hugs to you from Cley. Xx

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    • Thanks, Dina. I wish I knew what it was, then I could research it. But we don’t yet know what it is. I hope you get some rain, too. Dark clouds are rolling in, and my husband is mowing before the rain arrives.


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