By the Brambles

Pink Blooms

Groundhogs amble past brambles.
Winter torpor adds a weighty waddle
to their dandelion waltz.

A grumpy rabbit nibbles clover
and twitches as a staccato wind
showers him in pink petals.

Woodpecker’s tympani tapping
echoes from pine to spruce.
A cat lifts one paw, conducting.

The sun draws mist like applause
from yesterday’s icy puddles.
In the hush, a butterfly egg cracks.

Once the symphony has begun,
even the silence is undone.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I’m hearing spring notes on the fluting wind. Surely the snow is past. Time for winter to take a bow and retire. Happy Earth Day! This year, Earth Day organizers are promoting the reduction of plastics. I pledge to use less bottled water.

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