Poetry Is… A Revelation



Words, like new snow, soften soil and make poetry of winter. Poetry is… so many things… collected here in this wonderful community poem thanks to many talented friends. I plan to “find” a new poem within this poem and post it for Valentine’s Day. You’re invited to write your own poem from these lines and leave a link on February 14.

Poetry Is…

… ice cream on a summer day. (Brenda Harsham)
… deep thoughts wrapped in golden words. (Deb Whittam)
…  the flutter of words at sunrise. (Jone Rush MacCulloch)
…  a quest. La poésie est une quête. (Prunelles9)
…  a ripple on still water. (Beth)
…  the music of words, our first language. (Laura Shovan)
…  truth waiting to be found. (Michelle Kogan)
…  a way of walking in the world. A ministry of presence. A stormcloud about to burst. (Irene Latham invites us to pick one)
…  the roots; sending fingers of truth deep into the earth, and sprouting hope. (Kathryn Apel)
…  the beauty and honesty of the unspoken. (Matt Forrest Esenwine)
…  the quiet heartbeat of life. (Kay McGriff)
…  the air that lives in our souls…the rhythm of our existence. (Kennie Vevah)
…  the essence of reality and the reality of essence. (Donna Smith)
…  an umbrella on a rainy day. (Jane Whittingham)
…  my breathing space, my heart’s song, my soul’s prayer. (Myra Garces-Bacsal)
…  more questions than answers. (Mary Lee Hahn)
…  the gentle wonderings of a world calling me to unravel its beauty in words. (Carol Varsalona)
…  seeing myself in the mirror of another’s eyes. (Michelle H. Barnes)
…  my imaginings made real. (Linda Mitchell)
…  eliminating the unnecessary. (Diane Mayr)
…  the joyful heartbeat of words to share. (Kiesha Shepard)
…  a bell and its echo all at once. (Robyn Hood Black)
…  a cup of tea with a friend you will never meet, a connection across time, words that outlive our lives. (Ali Grimshaw)
…  a cure to the wounds of life. (anondotverse)
…  a gift. (OneHundred&OnePursuits)
…  what prose can’t be. It’s a photograph rather than the whole film. (Bliss Winters)
…  the gentle click that pulls it all into focus. (Molly Hogan)
…  the words that tremble from my mouth but stand strong at the end of my pen. Poetry is strength! (BigDJean)
…  the essence of my complex simplicity. (Ashley Yeager)
…  the very beating of the heart. (Anju Anand)
…  words of love, words of sorrow. (C. E. Ayr)
…  a game of hide and seek… the words of the poem echo -come play with me! (Geetika Saini)
…  a statement, when I have no voice. (Ms. Vee)
…  mind and soul’s humble boat heading toward the island of freedom, truth and beauty.(Marta Pombo Sallés)
…  what I feel but can’t explain. (M A R I A)
…  pumpkin soup on on a very cold day. (Iphigene Daradar)
…  coffee on a cold Minnesota day. (Brandt Schubbe)
…  a shell whispering its memory of the ocean. (Catherine Flynn)
…  a moment of focus in an unfocused world. (Ali at Mindful Gardener)
…  truth waiting to be found. (Jamé Claire)
…  a basket we weave with words to store the world. (Brenda Davis Harsham)

And quotes:

Charles Simic: “Poems are other people’s snapshots in which we see our own lives.” (offered by Diane Mayr)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: “A poem is its own Coney Island of the mind, its own circus of the soul, its own Far Rockaway of the heart.” (punctuation added, What is Poetry? ©️ 2000)
Ted Hughes: A poem is “an assembly of living parts moved by a single spirit.” (Poetry Is ©️ 1967)
Thomas Perrine: Poetry “has been regarded as something central to existence, something having unique value to the fully realized life, something that we are better off for having and without which we are spiritually impoverished.” (offered by Books4Learning)
Carl Sandburg: “Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.” (offered by Linda Baie)
Edgar Allan Poe: “Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.”

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Sally Murphy for hosting!

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144 thoughts on “Poetry Is… A Revelation

    • Oh, my. So many. I didn’t realize until the list had grown how wonderful the list would be. The truly special thing is that poetry is something different to everyone, perhaps it’s even something that’s different at each moment. It’s always changing with us, like the moon that always follows.

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    Happy World Poetry Day !
    Dear Friends, thank you for all the likes, comments and re blogs .Your feedback is highly appreciated. I enjoy reading all your creative works, am astounded by the talent here, often left speechless and wordless. Thank you for sharing your life stories, hard earned wisdom, much needed laughter, joy, beauty and love. and for the inspiration. Sometimes your words say ‘ I understand’, sometimes they’re a pat on the back, sometimes a soothing balm for the soul, sometimes they rekindle lost memories, sometimes they offer a completely new way to think and feel..
    Am happy to Reblog and share this wonderful post by https://friendlyfairytales.com, a blog I follow.
    Dear poets, bloggers, photographers and all creative artists…it makes for a delightful read. Do go through. What is poetry to you…??
    Dear Brenda Davis Harsham thanks again for the friendly mention of this fledgling writer. Deeply humbled and honoured.
    Dear Poets and Bloggers…Keep creating, keep on writing and keep on sharing!
    Peace, love, goodwill and gratitude

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