Icy Green Heart


the forest’s green heart
taps an icy morse code,
calling the sun

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Still arctic here in New England, now that we’ve feted and embraced the New Year. The morning light comes earlier. We are that much closer to Spring. Hope everyone is warm and snug.

36 thoughts on “Icy Green Heart

  1. Well done, Brenda! I’m inferring a note of frantic desperation in that morse code message! The bitter cold is a bit much these days–We’re going to be lucky if the high is above 0˚F on Saturday! Sorry to hear about all the heating and plumbing problems your way. We’re crossing our fingers that the incoming storm tomorrow doesn’t bring the high winds (and possible power outages) they’re predicting. Under blizzard warning here…

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  3. I’m in the south and we are in a very unusually prolonged deep freeze. It sucks and I hate it vehemently. A few days is normal, but not weeks of it. Excited though the days are longer. Looking at my spring flower catalogs helps me imagine chirping birds and lots of color.

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