Moonlit Kitty


When you’re blue,
look above:
the moon smiles,
bright with love.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Here’s a ditty for the Super Moon, shining this month. My daughter wanted a poem for art that she loves: a print entitled “Fromage” by Madeline Ellis. I’m hard at work, polishing my finished book, and it’s going well. Sympathies to those near LA affected by the air quality, smoke and evacuations.

Happy Poetry Friday. The roundup is at a Tumblr site called Steps and Stairs this week. You click “Submit” at the top and publish a post.

Poetry Friday Heron

Have a magical day!


60 thoughts on “Moonlit Kitty

  1. Hello! I came upon your site while trying to find out anything about the artist, Madeline Ellis. This print is the only thing I can find with no information about the artist. I just purchased a similar type art piece (in batik) by her in Santa Cruz, California, over the weekend, in the Salvation Army Thrift Store there. I paid $10 and it’s framed in the same way, except with a red frame, which matches the red and blue in the art. It’s called “Queen Mab” and has the same signature and title in the same locations as this one. Have you ever been able to find out any more information on her? She seems to be very elusive! I love the poem, by the way!

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    • Hi Kylee, The artwork I have may be batik also. I’m not an expert. My parents-in-law purchased it, probably in CA. They may have bought it at an arts and crafts fair. I’m not sure. I’d love to see a picture of yours.


      • Hi Brenda,
        Yes, it’s batik, too. πŸ™‚ I did find where she had an exhibit in Encino, California, in 1965. It seems like she was a local California artist. (I live in Ohio.) Here is a link to my Facebook post with a photo of the painting I bought:

        It seems like we should be able to find something out about her! Maybe from that gallery, if they’re still in business.

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  3. Super shine from Friend Moon & from me for your Work in Progress soon to be Words in Publication, Brenda!
    And batik is one of my favorite mediums. This artful feline & Friend Moon suggest action to me, which isn’t always the case with moon images or for cat portraits.
    Double, triple delights here.

    Many vibes, prayers wafting to my relatives & dear pals near the Getty-area & other CA fires. So far everyone I know is safe,
    but I imagine animals, lost trees & plants & the coping with dirty air.

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  4. Now, see, I should have come here last night, but I watched “Psych – the Movie” instead! But I wouldn’t have had to guess this morning about “SUBMIT”. I did it with my fingers crossed, and my eyes…I was still tired.
    I love that card. I can see why it is a favorite of your daughter’s. Love “when you’re blue, look above…”
    Simply a perfect pairing today. Hope the finishing touches on your book continue to go well!

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