Wildflower Blue


yellow dots of bees
broken clouds, sewn with sun
wildflower-blue field

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The last blooms of summer smell the sweetest. The bees move slowly, as if summer-drunk. Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Michelle Barnes for hosting at Today’s Little Ditty. Recently, she featured an abecedarian poem of mine, Annabeth Bakes Cupcakes, on her site. It was inspired by the challenge in her Spotlight on Carole Boston Weatherford.  Here is an excerpt:


          an Abecedarian Badinage

Annabeth bakes cupcakes
and decorates energetically
with full, generous handfuls of
ivory irises and jasmine jimmies,
knee-deep in kernels of
lemon lusciousness and
mouth-watering nuggets
of orange-spiced peppermint,
in her queenly realm, both
sanctum and treasure trove,
until, unceremoniously,
she vanishes with…

You can read the rest by clicking here. Thanks for featuring my poem, Michelle.

Have a magical day!


67 thoughts on “Wildflower Blue

  1. I did go over and read the rest! Luv it, and especially the ending! Lots of fun. I tried to comment over there, but it wasn’t working. I just kept going in circles. I tried to comment on Blogger a couple of years ago, and had the same experience.
    Anyway, I never heard of this alphabet genre before. You did amazing!!!

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    • Thanks, Resa. I can only comment on Blogger if I’m logged in to Google +, but if you ask me how to do it, no idea. My computer remembers these settings for me. It’s always hard to go outside WP. I never get notified of any replies. Sometimes I go back and check, but hardly any of them answer my comments. So I give up. I like WP. Have a great weekend ahead!


  2. What a lovely poem! You are swimming blue….my part of Virginia is swimming in bright yellow flowers and the monarch butterflies are flitting slowly from flower to flower at dusk. What a beautiful capture of a moment between seasons. It’s like you caught Tinkerbell!

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  3. Bet you didn’t realize you were writing a “dot” haiku for International Dot Day, huh! Or did you? It’s a wonderful haiku, Brenda. Love those dot bees “sewn with sun.” I also love your abecedarian, but you already knew that! Those yak-zombies sure were a big hit. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t realize I had written a dot haiku, how funny. Maybe it was subliminal. I’m happy to help celebrate Dot Day in my small way, though. The yak-zombies still make me chuckle. It was fun to write an abecedarian for a lark. I’ll have to think about peace some more. 🙂


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