Summer Poetry Swap


Thanks to Margaret for this golden shovel poem, written for me, paying tribute to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

When you adopt
a bouquet from the
market, your pace
slows, in the scent of
flowers, you find nature:
hidden in her
petals a secret
song is
heard: my love is patience.

— by Margaret Simon

Summer Poetry Swap 2017

Notes: Golden shovel poems use borrowed words to shed new light. Thanks, Margaret, you’ve inspired my first golden shovel poem, which I will post on Monday. Below is Margaret’s generous gesture of friendship, a plaque to shine above my desk.

Plaque saying Friend, You are happiness wherever you are.

Happy Birthday to Margaret Simon, Linda Mitchell and Julieanne Harmatz!!

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks again to Margaret Simon, who is also hosting this Poetry Friday at Reflections on the Teche. Please visit and find links to more delightful poetry.

Poetry Friday Heron

63 thoughts on “Summer Poetry Swap

  1. It’s interesting how receiving a particular kind of poem as a gift keeps inspiring us to reply or respond with a similar poem! I do love the Golden Shovel idea and have never tried it…but I have an idea percolating now! I’ll go looking for yours…

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    • My pleasure. I was surprised by what came from writing one. It turned out quite personal. I hope you’ll like it. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to get to all the PF posts tomorrow. Today, I was picking up my son from camp and hiking with my family.


  3. Your blog offers bouquets of secret songs all the time — Margaret knew what she was talking about. I wrote my first golden shovel this summer…isn’t Poetry Friday so wonderfully inspiring? Looking forward to seeing yours!

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    • Thanks, Tabatha. Yes, my poetry has really grown through regular contact with so many excellent poets. I find myself trying harder to write with more meaning and less cliche. To really stretch toward the heart of the poem. It helps my other mss, too.


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