Rosebay Pink


Our rosebay rhododendron
is white with pink newness.
She soon sheds her baby’s blush.

Her deer-tongue leaves
wag constantly,
speaking to the wind.

Each lingering kiss of the
sun sends stars
shooting to her roots.

She wonders at suburbia,
with its quiet lawns, as she is
tuned to Appalachia’s music:

the bluegrass twangs, bango strums
and mandolin chords of
Appalachia’s scattered seeds.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This photo was taken in June, along a wooded path. It reminded me of when I saw wild rhododendrons blooming in Appalachia, whole mountains of blooms. In contrast, they seem out of place in suburbia, either running riot, taking over most of the garden, or pruned and confined to a small space. In Appalachia, they achieve both balance and boldness. If you’re interested, click here to listen to mandolin as Stuart Duncan, Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile play brilliant music with a touch of Appalachia.


32 thoughts on “Rosebay Pink

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  2. Lovely poetry! How wonderful that you know the beauty of Appalachia! I think only some do. I did costumes for a movie set in Appalachia years ago. Nothing near this beautiful was depicted.

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