Orange News Stings

politics divide
but can’t be set aside
when the powerful
tell us we are powerless
then we must stand together
raise our voices
clamor to be heard
truth is more than a word

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Margaret Simon at Reflections on the Teche for hosting the party. Thanks to Carol Varsalona for letting me use her PF badge.

Poetry Friday Badge from Carol Vasalona

I was derailed from my plan of writing an I AM poem by the daily hornet’s nest of news stinging me. As I digest the unpalatable, I mourn the death of truth, sting by sting.

hornet’s nest
hidden below orange bloom
toxic stings


Something is fake, but it’s not the news. I appreciate the media for working tirelessly to help us understand and process recent news.

The flower above is a tulip. The one below is a Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis). Tulips originate in Turkey, but came to symbolize Holland. The Crown Imperial is from the Himalayas. We are one, big, tumultuous world. We all are better for the transplanting of ideas, flowers and people.

Fritillaria imperialis (orange flower)

we persist, blooming
in our patch of sunshine
despite adversity

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

53 thoughts on “Orange News Stings

  1. “raise our voices
    clamor to be heard
    truth is more than a word”
    The rhyme in these lines gives them the feel of an anthem. Thanks for sharing these blooms. I’ve never seen a tulip like that before!

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  2. “Blooming in our patch of sunshine.” There is plenty of sunshine on this page. Yes, we will persist. Truth will win…someday. I have to believe that. Thanks for this amazing collection of words and flowers.

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  3. My grandson’s first birthday is June 3, so I’ll miss the March for Truth. I have plenty of disgruntledness to march from here to forever, so, on June 11 I’ll probably attend the Stronger Together Rally in Boston. And maybe, just maybe, the damning evidence against you-know-who will be too much to ignore and the madness and the marching will stop.

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  4. I often find such comfort in nature. When the world seems out of control and filled with darkness, I remind myself that even after the worst storms, the worst winters, the worst fires, green things always come back. It may take a while, and things might look different, but they always come back.

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    • Hi Donna, The tulip photo I took a few weeks ago. The Crown Imperial I took last week. Two different neighbors were growing them. I have flowers, but none that are orange. Azalea, vinca, boomerang lilacs. I like things that flower, and I plant more every year. Dandelions have their own charm.


  5. I love the ‘frilly’ tulips and you’ve made even more beauty of them today, Brenda. “truth is more than a word” & action will continue. It feels like a long, long time since November. Thanks for all your poetic responses.

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  6. Persist and resist, Brenda! Your poems resonate and your photos remind of the beauty of the color orange (still my favorite color despite you know who). “We all are better for the transplanting of ideas, flowers and people.” – a resounding yes! =)

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  7. I have felt the same way the past few weeks. I’ve found it hard to work on the poems I thought I would write because the news gets in the way. I finally gave in and wrote some more political poems, too. I am clinging to the hope that we will persist in blooming in our own patches of sunshine!

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  8. Sometimes you have to write the poem that is clamoring to be heard instead of the one you were planning on (Donna talks about that, too). We’re planning on going to the March for Truth also. Pretty sad that truth needs a march, but that’s where we are!

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