Dreaming of Bluebells

I’m going to fall asleep in a bluebell wood, thanks to Lavender G! You can join me, if you want to embrace some color magic. I think Monet and van Gogh would have liked these woods.

Lavender Moon: Artist, Poet and Lover of Nature

I dreamabout being in a bluebell woodland,

Morning’s dampness on my hands.

I find a torn seam in elemental’s veil;

Ask to enter the precious trail.

Bare toes tickling on grassy moss,

Nose wrinkling as plumes of bluebells waft;

Lost in a deep purple blue lake,

Looking at the shapes the old oak makes,

Their wizened branches seeking light,

Orange tip butterflies flee with all their might!

Woodland’s serenade fades gently like a breeze;

I take a sip of Titania’s tea,

Finding myself mixing a pool of morning dew

With soothing dainty hues from the bluebell wood

on my watercolour palette ready for a new painting to emerge.

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