Star Swords


Gathering in the sky
are low, heavy mists:
snow clouds shaped
by Zeus and Thor.
Wind snaps trees and
snow thunder bellows.
Colossal warfare done.
Angels weep in white lace.
Heroes unsung, undone.
Tears fall like feathers
from mute swans.

Each frozen flake,
cradled by roofs,
melts by radiated
human heat and sun,
drip by icy drip,
descending glacial tresses,
creating star-swords,
sparkling in the sun.
Break one, hold one.
Frozen fingers,
colossal fun.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Tomorrow is another snow day for us! Yay! Here are a few snow day poems:  Ode to a Snowday by me and  Snow Day by Billy Collins. Feel free to put a link to your favorite snow day poem in the comments here.

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