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If I was a rooster, I’d be crowing from the rooftop to announce the publication of the Best of Today’s Little Ditty Anthology: 2014-2015 (Volume 1).

I’m honored to have my poem, Seed for Thought, selected out of hundreds written in response to challenges by established authors and editors including Lee Bennett Hopkins, J. Patrick Lewis, Bob Raczka, and Rebecca M. Davis.

What is Poetry Friday? Many of my readers may remember I participate in Poetry Friday most weeks. It’s a blog-hop (aka weekly gathering) with post links to poetry or poetry book reviews. I usually publish original poems. Poetry Friday isn’t centered around a new weekly prompt or challenge like so many blog-hops, but instead, the prompt is always poetry: children’s poetry, adult poetry, explorations of form, education and reviews of books of poetry or verse novels among others. People who participate are poetry-lovers of all ages: authors, librarians, teachers, readers. Sometimes the focus is current events, election-related, holiday-related, seasonal, but that’s happy chance. Usually the offerings are diverse and thoughtful. The person linking up gets to decide what to offer that week.


What is a Today’s Little Ditty challenge? Soon after joining Poetry Friday, I was invited to participate in the Today’s Little Ditty challenges by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. Each month she shines a spotlight on an author or editor, who then issues a writing challenge to the Poetry Friday community. I seldom participate in prompts, because I have my own projects underway and precious little spare time. Also, it’s a daunting prospect to publicly submit a poem in under a month to a challenge issued by industry experts, especially as so many other writers participating are accomplished, award-winning, published authors. In other words, I was terrified, but I raised my chin and joined in. To have a poem of mine selected in the first volume is an honor and a joy. Thanks, Michelle!


How are the reviews? All glowing! One review of the anthology:

“ ‘Poetry is prose, bent out of shape,’ I like to say, and for proof, you need only connect with Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’s Ditty of the Month Club, where children’s poets are busy flexing their poetic muscles through the use of various verse forms. They are not showing off; they’re practicing. And they invite you to do the same.”

— J. Patrick Lewis, former U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate (2011-2013) and recipient of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children

If you’re interested in the anthology, you can click here or on the title above.

Writing Tip: Get writing and participate in a blog-hop like Poetry Friday. Maybe kids’ poetry isn’t your thing. Find something that makes you excited. Hone your skills, build your community, find like-minds and make your life richer along the way. Don’t let fear stop you.

Have a magical day!

80 thoughts on “Poem Published

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  2. Hi Brenda, thanks for the wonderful article 🙂 Is it possible for a foreigner to participate too? I am a poet and write a blog here named “The essence of Poetry”. Please go through my poems and let me know how you found them. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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  5. Congratulations! It seems you are moving fast. I read the article, very interesting. It most likely took courage, as well. Knowing you a little bit, I would not exclude fun. That is just so great!

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