Dragonfly Ode


mosquito-eating dragon,
autumnal dragonfly dreams in
lacy-winged stillness

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA! To me, this holiday is an opportunity to express gratitude for a beautiful land that has supported and provided sanctuary to my ancestors and I. Ruth in Poetry Friday teaches odes to ordinary objects for Thanksgiving. A simple, but elegant idea that I’ve adopted, to bring the holiday away from turkey, food and feasting, and return it to gratitude for the tiniest things. This ode is in the haiku form.

Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Carol at Carol’s Corner for hosting this week! Carol is reading novels in verse. Stop by and join the party!


45 thoughts on “Dragonfly Ode

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  3. there is great power in gratitude to tiny things. ‘lazy-winged stillness’ could describe me at times. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, brenda and i am thankful for your beautiful words and kinship.

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