13 thoughts on “Halloween is Coming!

  1. Very nicely expressed with just the perfect time for that wicked and bewitching holiday. I had cataract surgery and a week’s “vacation” u with my Mom. Phew! Tired and disheartened by late election results and fearing sleep and waking to who may be our next President! That is real life spooky and frightening!

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    • Yes, I am in a slump about Trump. I have a terrible cold, racking cough and this is what I woke to. The middle of the country has voted in Trump despite him being a New Yorker, and New York leading the way declining to make him President. What were they thinking? All we can do now is support his better qualities and hope that he surprises us all by showing some sense and not acting divisively here and abroad. I fear we are in for a ride. I feel sad for women. I hope your cataract surgery went well. XOXO


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