Goodbye, Summer

Seagull in front of sand castle by the sea, Atlantic Ocean

Goodbye, summer.
Goodbye, beach.
What a bummer.
Dripping eyes.

Goodbye, late mornings.
Goodbye, late nights.
Parental warnings
on the rise.

Goodbye, foreign travel.
Goodbye, blue suitcase.
I might unravel.
School’s ahead.

Hello, old friends,
unseen since June.
Hello, backpack, pens.
Ouch! Pencil lead.

Hello, new teachers,
new locker, new friends.
Hello assembly bleachers.
This again.

Clanging steps remind me.
I know this pattern. Known
sounds and scents are key.
I am zen.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Labor Day! This poem is dedicated to all the students across New England (and elsewhere), saying goodbye to summer and hello to school. This photo was taken at Crane Beach, Cape Ann, Ipswich, Massachusetts on Friday, September 2.

31 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer

  1. For kids autumn does mean going back to school. For me, it’s a slow down on the painting of street art.
    LOL! I want all kids to have a great year at school!
    Sath says hello to you and he seemed quite humble about the fact that you wrote a poem to his art. He stayed a few extra days in TO. I watched him paint a piece in an alley nearby, and he joined us for dinner What a lovely person. His wife works for Green Peace! ⭐

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