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A friend has pointed to a serious lack in the world’s culture. I could not let it pass. See if you are as moved as I was:

From Kurious Kitty: “Tomorrow is the anniversary of the birth of Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame. She was born on August 6, 1911–105 years ago. I thought I might find a poem about Lucille Ball, or I Love Lucy, since she and the sitcom were such a notable part of post-WW II popular culture. I always check first the Poetry Foundation website search feature, but found nothing directly related to Lucille Ball.”

My inner crone and I cackled, conspired and this transpired:

An Ode Not Quite Odious

To Lucy of the curling locks,
red, shining but tightly tamed,
as was your genius, always
cloaked in silly ways and
cunning looks. You capered,
scarpered, skeddadled and tattled,
never more charming when
being shy or disarming.
Would I could have met you,
repaid every laugh with
the right words to lift you
when you needed it, as you
lifted me so many times.
I’m left only to gift you rhymes.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Let no one say I walked away from a serious blight on our culture, unmoved by Lucille Ball’s plight — an icon of redhaired beauty uncelebrated by poets. Do you have a few words to spare for Lucille Ball? Care to share?

And Happy Poetry Friday, a few hours late, a dollar short, but snark to spare. Thanks again to Tara Smith at A Teaching Life for hosting and letting me slide in with a double play.

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37 thoughts on “Lucille Ball, Remembered

  1. Shoot!:) “Yours, Mine and Ours” made in 1968 and Lucille Ball got recognized with the Golden Laurel for Female Actress in this movie. It is funny and chaotic, while I was 13, my brothers were 12 and 9. We went to see it as a family. xo

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  2. I like the gift of your Ode poem to Lucy. It was full of her charming and disarming ways, as well as her ability to make us all laugh. My favorite episodes are of the wine making and the candy factory! Oh my goodness, that woman was sparkling and never a coward, taking on pratfalls and goofy crying like it was the end of the world! I loved the Lucille Ball movies, including one with a family, wasn’t she the original wife in Cheaper by the Dozen? I will come back if I am wrong. . .

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  3. Lucille Ball was a lady who set the stage for so many who followed. My Dad and Mom were either like Liz and Dick or Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Very boisterous and passionate, but gentle and loving, dancing in the kitchen and so involved with each other’s interests and US!
    I always liked the Mary Tyler Moore show, and of course, it’s predecessor or way that got her there, The Dick Van Dyke Show. The shows had quirky characters but had also groundbreaking plots, acceptance of differences (Ricky was Hispanic, clearly Lucy was not.) MTM had Rhoda with some intimations of her Jewish background and Mary was able to be a bachelorette, make friends and not depend on men to get by. Mary also went into the office and could get her gruff, grumbling boss to change his mind! 🙂
    I loved the opening display of throwing her beret up in the sky, with the song ending, “I’m going to make it, after all!” Great sharing post, Brenda!

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  4. I know of ‘I Love Lucy’ but hardly ever watched it, don’t think it was on our British tv’s very often. But that’s a lovely idea writing a tribute to someone who made you laugh! I should write a poem about the movie ‘Tootsie’ Dustin Hoffman in dress… that made me laugh when I was a very sick young girl, I’ve been a fan of his ever since. These favourite entertainers …if only they knew how much they lifted our spirits just when we needed it! 🙂

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