Fothergilla Geese


flightless white geese
milky swirls of thin petals
perch on lily pads

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: These blooms are dwarf Fothergilla, cousin to Witch Hazel. Fothergilla gardenii were discovered here by Alexander Garden (1730-1791) a Scottish physician and naturalist who introduced them to England. What a great name he had for his profession.

13 thoughts on “Fothergilla Geese

  1. I like the darling white, fluffy “geese” sitting upon their lily pads. ❤
    Hope your goslings have been joyously enjoying their summer, dear friend.
    Such a clever person to point out his name, Brenda! Like you said; quite appropriate for a naturalist 🙂 (and physician).
    If I were to change my last name, "Garden" would be so cool! Maybe my middle name could be Ina? Robin Ina Garden has a certain "ring" to it!

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  2. Beautiful!
    Milky swirls could also = Milkweed! It is the one plant that the endangered Monarch Butterfly procreates in. My love has planted one for me & Monarchs have been spotted. I am so excited to go home & see this. 🙂

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