Love is love that doesn’t harm.
Love is what holds us in the dark,
listens to our fears,
celebrates our small moments.
Let’s not let madness take away
our love, our joy and
our feelings of safety.

I love Orlando: a beautiful, tolerant
City of Magic and Dreams
where my children felt safe and happy.
Where Mickey and Minnie give hugs,
people run marathons in tutus and
palm trees dance in breezes.

Two acts of madness;
a whole country grieves.
We’ll remember you, Grimmie.
Pulse, there are no words.
My heart is with the families,
the survivors,
the first responders,
the medical staff,
the confused and

We are all one with Orlando.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Let’s ban assault rifles. More people need to speak out in support of a ban. The only voices I hear are pro-gun activists. Let’s ban assault rifles. Our children are dying.

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