thoughts like thorns
step cautious
even flowers
have dreams
and roots that seek deeper
food than the wind brings

why does phlox
creep over walls
it’s scalloped edge
softens the sharpest lines

its colors are not simple,
not purple, not white, not pink,
but all of these together
and underneath, their
roots blend into one
layered brown root ball,
and seeking
but not blending
never blending

even thought suspending
let’s just bloom
on a sunny morning
just bloom

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: No matter how many times I examine the issue of color, I have no magical formula that lessens hatred. Under our visible skin, we have the same blood, the same organs, the same needs, the same emotions. Why does color begin and end the discussion?  I can’t say, but perhaps we just need to decide to bloom, wherever we have room. And don’t step on other’s blooms.

Have a magical day!

Warmly, Brenda

13 thoughts on “Underfoot

  1. That’s an interesting thought Brenda, a plant of many colours, I really like that! 🙂 Strange how we’ve been taught ( I totally believe it taught to us) to see colour in skin or differences in personality as something significant, something that may even divide us. So stupid really, doesn’t remotely make sense. People even think like that over hair colour too…crazy!

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  2. Beautiful, Brenda! I’m working away from home and living in a hotel. Not a lot of time to blog, but what a wonderful respite visiting Friendly Fairy Tales is! Keep well!

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