Dandelions Delight

Two Dandelions

Calling all bees,
if you please,
come get yellow
to your knees.
We don’t bite
or pick a fight.
We sing hello
to morning light.
Twinkling fairies
and magic marries
gold dust to petals
dotting prairies.
Leave us to shine
for thick bee wine
makes tea sweet
and autumn fine.

Pots of honey glowing from window light, with a bee on the jar

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Early spring dandelions are essential for bees, so don’t yank them all, please.

53 thoughts on “Dandelions Delight

  1. This one is lovely Brenda, and very timely too! When I was out and about taking pictures in my local cemetery the other week, it was such a beautiful sunny spring day, I noticed there were loads of bees. Got me worried for a moment I’d walked on a nest and brought them out – but no, it was just the day, they were all busy (as you’ve said) getting pollen on their knees…haha…I love the thought of that!! 😀

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  2. Brenda, I edited some of our private conversation last night. I think it was very nice to have a chat before I went to bed, like an aunt and niece or vastly spaced, “sisters.” The bees poem is “sweet,” knee deep in “golden fun!” xo

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    • You might be thinking I’m younger than I am. But that’s okay with me. 🙂 I’m a bit of an older mom. One of the other bloggers admitted to being 38, and boy I wish I was only 38. But I wouldn’t trade away one of my years. So many good things have happened over the years.

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      • I will be 61 in November so may be older than you think I am, too. 🙂 I wouldn’t trade the path my life went either. Just out of curiosity , did you notice this man named Geoffrey Waggoner is commenting on my blog? One talked about so much of our younger times together, working at Cedar Point, then dating while I was at BGSU and he was in graduate school at OSU, he was going for his law degree when I married my first husband and he sent me an easel and art supplies for a wedding present. It makes me a little silly, just thinking of our old times. I think he is still married. . . Just filling you in, since we sometimes share a bit here or on my blog. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. I shall visit newer posts of yours, thinking this note is semi-private but giddy school girlish, too. 🙂

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        • Enjoy your Memorial Day, too, Robin. It’s a fun feeling being giddy. You certainly deserve someone to pay particular attention to you. What a lovely wedding present he sent. Clearly thought about it a lot. The friends we make when we’re in college are so much more important than I would have thought at the time. I wish I’d understood that better then. You are only about 10 years older than me, my friend. Not so very far apart, except that I waited a long time to marry and have kids. 🙂


  3. my aussie son-in-law who moved back here last summer is raising a colony of bees – looking forward to wonderful honey and i’m leaving all my yellow dandelions out for them –

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    • Thanks, Louise. I partly put it there to remind myself. I’m usually fighting the yellow tide from my next door neighbor who has more dandelions than grass. But I try to remember that missing some is a good thing — for the bees. 🙂

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