A Butterfly Charm

Orange Butterfly

American lady
charm and
every child.
Freckled friends
gaze and gasp at
incredible are the
jeweled journeys of
kite-like creatures.
Luminous and
orange and spotted,
quietly, at
rest. Rapt rugrats
stare, bespelled,
transfixed at
uplifting wings of
Vanessa Virginiensis.
Wildflowers e-
Yes! Ours! Our
zig-zag zephyr.

Notes: This poem is my first abecedarian, an ancient form of poetry, of which Psalm 119* is an example. An ABC by Chaucer is a 14th century abecedarian. Older abecedarians had whole stanzas for each letter. Modern ones often have each line start with a different letter. I was inspired to write one by Margaret Simon and her students at Reflections on the Teche.

The butterfly is Vanessa Virginiensis, commonly called an American Lady.

*”This blessing has fallen to me…” Psalm 119 (abecedarian with stanzas starting with letters of the Hebrew alphabet).

Writing hint: I hunted in my spelling dictionary at times for just the right word. I only used one word from it. Can you guess which word?

16 thoughts on “A Butterfly Charm

  1. I admire your using every letter in this, Brenda. The American Lady looks beautiful perched on an ancient granite rock. I like the way there is lichen on it.
    Is bespelled a word you had to check out? I know bewitched but don’t recognize this one. I know you probably looked up a different one but this is my guess. Hugs! xo

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  2. I like the imagery of “jeweled journeys of kite-like creatures.” I’m glad I inspired you to try the form and that you didn’t leave out a single letter. You did more research than I did. Thanks.

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