Scattered amongst stone

This prose poem will challenge you and make you feel its sharp edges. Words have power and magic to break, reform and transcend. This does all of that in one lovely package. Makes me want to get out of my armchair. Hope you are enjoying World Poetry Day. I’m off to play.

beth tremaglio

”With swords raised in battle. A glimpse of self reflected in the blade.”

I’m scattered here in a million pieces, maybe, but I’ve lost count.

This rock has shred me. Held my emotions when I could no longer bare them.

This rock has forced me to face the ”flight mode” of fear and change my relationship to it. A mode of flight on a rock and in life also, this slab has balanced that.

This rocks formation has spoken of life’s balances. Life’s reflective nature and the beauty found in chaos.

I’m shattered among many slabs and countless hours of working to let go and to hold on. No longer relying on another to salvage me, but rather to rely on myself.

With swords raised in battle, a glimpse of self reflected in the blade, and had shown the enemy I had become to myself. Salvation was near and Revelation…

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