Spring Dreaming

Cherry blossoms

close dreaming eyes
fragrance of cherry blossoms
intoxicates, breathe

Note: Dreams are magic. I dreamed spring into being today as I soaked up the lemon winter sun. The park may have been wet with snowmelt and smelling of mud but I was remembering cherry blossoms.

59 thoughts on “Spring Dreaming

  1. Beautiful spring picture! I’m also dreaming about it, in fact, I started to wait for spring already in the fall. Let’s wait for it and live with fairy tales until spring finally arrives.

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  2. Why do I have such a problem getting to your blog Brenda, I miss out on so much! You are not in my reader or mail. I have to catch you in a comment somewhere…oh what to do! This is beautiful btw.

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  3. Wow, lovely…intoxicating they are, my favourite tree blossom!! Thanks for dreaming! It’s a rainy night here in England, no sign of spring yet, but at least it’s been a very mild winter, so I won’t complain about the cold, because we haven’t had much cold at all. Looking forward to those cherry blossom days again! 🙂

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