Dragon Song


Be careful in the New Year
for if you listen to dragon song,
you might find yourself burning.
You might need to fly and dance
or hear magic in the stars.
You might believe in kindness
and find friends in new places.
The crescendo casts a spell that
will make fortunes rise and set
love spinning like dust devils.
Be careful to keep your feet
solidly on the ground,
or you might hear fairy bells,
float over meadows, shake
hands with poppies, only to be
tickled by delphinium.
Dragons and fairies must be kept
in their place, in the toy chest,
lest the world tilt crazily.
Let others be dizzy with magic
or you might have to rethink
everything in your life.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy New Year! 2016 is coming! I snapped the sea dragon photo at the New England Aquarium. If you’d like a dragon fairy tale, I offer the ice castle world of the Dragon and the Phoenix. We are busy frosting gingerbread trains, rolling beeswax candles and making lego Christmas trees. Enchiladas verdes and chilaquiles rojos are bubbling fragrantly in my oven, filling the whole house with the magic of cheese, turkey, tortillas and salsa. Wishing you joy, comfort, hugs and warmth!

37 thoughts on “Dragon Song

  1. The photograph was sumptuous in details, Brenda. Simply overwhelming my eyes with light and colors.
    You know that poets would wax poetic over your Mexican dishes you described! 🙂 My food posts, simple as they are, attract views with little effort. I like conversations about food; as well as art and music. Posts with humor are always a plus like the penguins. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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