Autumn Flower


Winter pale flower
held in cold-red leaves,
do you you remember summer days
in your shell-pink cloak?
Did you shiver during autumn chills,
that tinged your pink to mauve?
Harsh frosts followed that revealed
your icy pallor to Father Winter.
Do you imagine being free to
spin and drift, a pale tumbleweed,
anticipating your final dance with
the first frozen flakes?
Or do you dream only of
summer’s heat when rain
fell like a cool blessing?
You’re the star of every season,
a galaxy of order and intention,
each petal where it needs to be.
I hope to travel my seasons
with as much joy and fun,
saving my wildest dance
for my last winter.

Dry Hydrangea on Ice

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: These oak leaf hydrangeas manage to look beautiful, no matter the season. They inspire me to remember summer, no matter how cold the day. I hope you are remembering summer or enjoying its warmth right now, depending on your relationship to the equator. Have a great week, full of magic and memories!

18 thoughts on “Autumn Flower

  1. The ending verses are beautiful… I like to think as that flower as an eternal fighter which struggles to make it through the winter, a flower that despite being frozen, succeeds in the aim of stopping time somehow and wakes up the following spring…
    Much love, dear Ben… Aquileana 🎇 ~

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