Color on the Wind

Fairyland Mural painted on a brick wall with willow trees framing a unicorn, fairies, mushrooms, an owl and flowers

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Fairyland is carpeted with flowers,
driftwood sculptures, cairns and shells.
The shyest creatures remain hidden
except for the lilting tinkle of bells.

Closeup of Delicate-Winged Fairy holding the cupped blossom

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Even winds take the color
of dreams and wishes and sound
of songs sung over stormy seas
by those lost and found.

Mushrooms and title of Fairyland Mural reading "The Student School 2008"

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Ideas sprout like mushrooms,
coated in sugar and spice,
as children take time
to learn and think twice.

Delicate Winged Fairy sitting under an arched lily of the valley bloom holding one cupped blossom

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Blue fairies sip honey
from lily of the valley cups.
Listen for the universe.
It’s speaking to us.

Blue-Winged Fairy playing with purple butterfly painted on brick wall

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Its voice hides in a butterfly’s wings
in the gaze of grinning geraniums,
in a spinning bicycle’s spokes and
in tall spikes of delphinium.

Unicorn in a rainbow, Detail of Fairyland Mural

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Fabled unicorn, let’s bloom with peace.
Tap your horn in the mountain streams
and let the water flow pure once more.
Let fae forests find homes, safe in dreams.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Outdoor Mural of Fairyland and storefront

Used with Permission of Resa Swork

Note: All these wonderful photos were taken by Resa Swork at Graffitiluxandmurals. Thanks to the Student School for creating this gorgeous and inspiring outdoor space. Resa invited me to write words for her photos and post them here first. I’m honored and delighted. I hope you enjoyed our partnership. She has other children’s murals in her collection as well, like the graphic Columbia Parkette including an adorable raccoon, a magical two-headed rhino and an iconic white rabbit.

41 thoughts on “Color on the Wind

  1. Beautiful fairy celebration!!!♥ I love the ‘Ideas sprout like mushrooms, coated in sugar and spice’ that’s a good description of how it feels on the inside! 🙂 I was thinking ‘what a wonderful garden with a decorated wall, but the last picture reveals it’s on the pavement next to a little corner store – wow, what an unexpected place to see such a garden with some impressive street art. Whoever painted it can come and paint my end wall – haha…I’d love it, but not sure it would leave my landlord smiling!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the progression of the photos and how they have the big reveal at the end, setting the urban context. I love that you really look at things and think about them. In that way, I think you are a kindred spirit. And a good friend. Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow this is amazing and all the photos with your perfect words are happy! I would love to paint a mural like this! What a beautiful idea! We should do that as an art project! When I was in high school I used to do this! How cool and happy! ❤


  3. Wow!!! Brenda, I am so very honored that you have written this most beautiful poem to express this lovely piece of street art.
    When I first caught sight of it, you immediately came into my mind! You are the Fairytale Queen of WordPress! Love your blog, and again, thank you for sharing your talent and lovely spirit with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your pictures are color-drenched and full of magic. The artist of the mural did a wonderful job bringing out the innocent, child-like beauty of the natural world and the fairy world. I’m honored to be chosen to feature the photos. It was fun to find words to add another layer of meaning to it. I’m so happy that it came together so well, because I was a bit nervous, truthfully. It was a magnificent project. Thanks, Resa!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I totally knew your beautiful Fairytale words added to this magical world in a small garden would create something special…. and here it is … more wonderful than I imagined.
        Thank you for this fabulous collaboration, Brenda.
        If I find any more fairy worlds out there, I will call on you first!
        Much love!

        Liked by 1 person

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