Fields of Fun


Skipping and hopping,
from petal to leaf,
chased by beetles,
is a nectar thief!

Jack Frost’s cousin,
Chill, the Fall sprite,
arrives every October,
to the beetle’s fright.

“Stop right now,
you hairy beast!”
Stinkbugs shout
but he flees east.

He turns the nectar,
into golden art,
dabbed on leaves —
summer’s torn apart.

From nectar to mold,
black spots of blight
multiply and dismay,
as he zigzags in flight.

October’s arrived and
Autumn’s show has begun.
Protest though you may,
he will have his fun.

Golden Maple leaves

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

41 thoughts on “Fields of Fun

    • Perhaps their spell will soften your edges, and help you get lost in a dreamworld of heather blooming by a secret loch, a fine mist bringing the scent of salmon cooking. No one around for miles, but in the far distance, the sound of the bagpipes. On the hillside, two rosebushes flank a cottage door. It’s your retreat for writing, healing, remembering and just being.


  1. I loved this playful, charming look at what is going on behind the scenes in the garden. I can picture Jack Frost’s cousin hiding under the leaves, petals and oh, then dabbing chilled sap as paint creating art. You make the dreaded Chill come alive and almost likable in your whimsical “take.”

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  2. Love it – thank you! Here in the southern climes, the beetles, bees and aphids have formed an alliance of the righteous and have turned chill away at the border. Sorry to be a pessimist, and to ruin a beautiful fun poem, but if you look hard enough politics and conspiracies are everywhere. Just now I’m sure my neighbours in my garden.


  3. I really like your image of a “nectar thief”!!! I have roses blooming, roses that I cut back about a month ago (wrong time I know), and they all came out again. It is still summer where I live in San Francisco.


  4. Certainly feels like anything ‘But’ frost for an October doesn’t it? flowers are blooming and ants are still searching, It’s like Jack Frost decided to take a long long holiday!


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