Color Pirate

Seize every color
from the trees to the leaves
from the houses and the breeze.
Embrace a flower’s bold hue
and each neutral tone made,
for all of it matters, each shade.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: A Painted Lady is a Victorian house with at least three colors of paint used. Wikipedia allows Edwardian and Queen Anne houses, too. I’m lucky enough to live in a town with several bold ones. I wrote this poem after reading many September 11 posts, and remembering the day myself. If only we could all see the beauty in the rainbow of colors around us and stop hating and blaming each other. Build, preserve and celebrate rather than destroy. If words have magic, and I believe they do, then let peace increase!

72 thoughts on “Color Pirate

  1. “If words have magic…” Oh my goodness my dear, of course they do. ☺❤ Words create their own magic, words are the brush a poet uses to create art, words make us smile, cry, tremble with fear, or laugh until we cry. Words create images in our minds and describe the feelings in our hearts. “If words have magic…” They do, they do! P. S. Color Pirate is a lovely poem. ☺💜

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  2. Beautifully written! There is a house where I live that is Victorian style and all pink and purple. I think it is beautiful. The architecture is amazing, however, most people here think it is so ugly but I think it is amazing. The time they took to paint the spindles etc. took a lot of thought and effort.

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  3. Lovely home. And great description of a Painted Lady. We appreciate your following of Oh, the Places We See. It’s houses just like this one that make our heart thump more — in fact, we take time to drive through neighborhoods A LOT when we visit small towns and even cities. We love seeing how and where people live. Hope your fall is colorful and rich. We’re gearing up for color changes in East Tennessee right now.


  4. How lovely that one is Brenda!! And so true, we live in a colourful world, and all kinds and colours are as important and relevant as each other. There are so many distractions though, and we fail to see in the way we should. Hating and blame are some of the worst distraction there are, such a pointless waste of energy and time. 😦

    What a gorgeous painted house, with matching flowers too! I wouldn’t say no, to living there – dream on!!!! 😀


  5. I really am hugging you from afar for this lovely, bright house, Brenda. Then, I’m embracing sincerely the deep and meaningful thoughts behind the words you wrote.
    So happy you described the Painted Lady houses’ elements.


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