Phenomenal Bloom


The prettiest bloom,
youthful and bright,
doesn’t always
attract the bee.
Honeybees visit the
same purple petals
even after the flowers
are thin and worn.
Is it first love’s kiss?
Or is the sweetest honey
made from
wind-tossed blooms?
The bee should not
be alone in admiring
late summer’s song —
the survivor bloom.
That flower speaks to me
in poetry:
fragrance heady,
curve and wit
and grand.
A Maya Angelou of blooms.
Perhaps my petals
grow thinner each year,
But not my charms.
I have magic still.
As do you.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham


Note: These flowers are wildflowers from Vermont. Can anyone identify them? I couldn’t. Also, this poem references Maya Angelou’s fabulous poem, Phenomenal Woman. A poem that makes me sigh with joy, every time I read it. You don’t need to know where magic comes from, you just need to believe. Have a great weekend!

34 thoughts on “Phenomenal Bloom

  1. Oh, I did notice the ‘Phenomenal’ aspect, very clever indeed Brenda!! 🙂 I love that poem too, has such a good message for all women. And your flowers is so pretty, reminds me of one of those hats that women wear to the Ascot races. It’s very much a classy hat occasion, and bright coloured hats with long feathery strands quite often get media attention. I can see where the hat designers get their inspiration now!

    I see my brother has paid you a flying visit, he would have said something I’m sure if he had known we knew each other, I shall tell him later. He looks a bit strange in that armour! 😉 (norwichdragonhunter) is a website project he’s been working on, we’ve had lots of art dragons take over our city this summer!!

    Just thinking about Maya Angelou, I came across this video of her the other day, she looks lovely, so confidant and funny, and even sings. I had no idea she could sing so well! Just thought you might like to see it too?

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    • The year she was Poet Laureate of the US was a proud year for women. I’ll check out the vid, I didn’t know she sang well either, but it makes sense. Her poetry is so musical. I didn’t know NDH was your brother. It’s a small world. I love the artist decorated statues. We’ve had them here, too. Cleveland had mustangs. Unfortunately, Boston chose cod, and the shape was not entirely inspiring.

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      • Yes, my brother was telling me those decorated sculptures are around the world. They certainly don’t originate from Britain. I think the local council like them because they seem to bring in extra tourism during the summer months. We’ve had elephants (they were very cool) and gorillas, and now dragons, I hope it’s not cod next time…haha!! That doesn’t sound very inspiring!! 😀


        • I hope for dragons. Or fairies. 🙂 Not cod. The first we had in the US were in NYC and they were cows if I remember right. That was years ago now. I can’t remember if I ever knew how it originated, but my guess would be with NYC. They have a strong arts community there.

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  2. I like this simple flower and your special words which give us all confidence to feel vital “still.” I like this and reminds me of a blue cornflower in its spiky look but the way some of the petals are not even does create it’s own uniquely wild look, Brenda!

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  3. We have the same lovely flowers here in Ontario. Their vibrant colour growing next to delicately white Queen Anne’s Lace and brilliant yellow Black-Eyed Susan is enough to take your breath away.
    Love your thoughts 😀 and Maya Angelou is my hero ❤


    • Yes, the fields also had Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-Eyed Susans. I didn’t manage to get a good picture of the whole field. But it was amazingly beautiful. And I wish for a drop of Maya Angelou’s talent and confidence. 🙂


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