Green Path


Visit the hidden places,
hear the river speak rapids,
follow paths winding into wilds.
Find bear tracks, see fish glint,
and listen for moose.
Live in harmony.
Pitch your voice’s timbre
to meld with wind,
soughing in pines,
distant thunder’s grumbles and
crows, complaining blackly.
Hear sparrows gossip.
Match your silence to
the joy of sunshine
on all growing things.
Follow the green path,
and your voice,
unheard in the wilds,
will be thick with thoughts,
sprouting like mushrooms
in the dark, fertile places.

Mushroom abloom

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

17 thoughts on “Green Path

  1. This is a good message! Get out there and fill yourself with nature – very vibrant!! 😀 I should do much more of that myself. Even though I live in a city, I’m blessed to have a lot rural areas not too far from me, and the beach too – best of both worlds. Thanks for the encouragement, and reminding me my computer screen is not perhaps the best way to view nature. The real world has a much better fragrance!! 😉


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