Bee Magic

Bee on flower

Bee magic,
deft and sure,
never lingering to despair.
Bee light,
zip and zoom,
ignoring all but the nectar.
Bee strong,
tough and enduring,
working nonstop all summer.
Bee safe,
at risk of harm,
you give back more than you take.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Despite colony collapse disorder, the bees are plentiful in the field. Without them, all of us would be out there with Q-tips, pollinating or perishing. Long live the bee!

Blossom Skirts

Thanks to GreenMackensie for this magical poem with froth and aching. I always find magic in her photographs and words. Hope you do, too!


Fairies underskirts

Springs rich froth of soft beauty

Falls each day aching

Snow petals tumble

Swirling fleeting beauty past

Into strong green growth.

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