Midsummer Night’s Dream, Part 2

Cairn, Ocean, Beach

Once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid on a dolphin’s back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
That the rude sea grew civil at her song
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres,
To hear the sea-maid’s music.

Note: Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is going well. This is Part 2 of 3 Shakespeare Quotes offered for the 3-Day Quote Challenge, thanks to an invitation by Marlyn at Kintal. Find Part 1 for the rules and an invitation to participate for any quote lovers. For a midsummer fairy tale, click here. Check back tomorrow morning for the final part. Have a magical day!

22 thoughts on “Midsummer Night’s Dream, Part 2

  1. So lovely, Brenda. Stars reacting to the mermaids song sounds almost like the Sirens effect upon ships passing them. Strange magic and I will always be entranced by the night’s sky with its diamonds. 🙂


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