A Moment to Shine

Purple Iris

Troubles drop away,
Luck comes our way,
That’s our moment.
Everything turns out fine.
It’s our moment to shine.
Trouble may make us blue,
But that fades to dark
When we feel the spark.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I’ve had bad years, with rare good moments. And good years with few bad moments. My heart holds onto the good times. I hope yours does, too. This poem was inspired by my latest rejection letter, which was not a shining moment, but another opportunity. Every door that remains shut helps us find the right door.

51 thoughts on “A Moment to Shine

  1. Sorry to hear about your rejection letter. What was your manuscript? Was it children’s poetry? I’d find it hard to believe that your poetry was rejected.


  2. The spark of creativity swells within us and cannot be stopped, Brenda. I love the beauty in the words you shared here, it could be a college poster!
    I am so sorry about the letter, idiots all! You will find the right editor or book publisher. I know this in my heart, hugs and smiles sent your way. Thanks for the bright spot with the beautiful message and lovely iris!


      • There are friends who enjoy your songs, poems and moments you share with us. I know there is still a yearning and I hope the ‘perfect’ place will come soon! I had a miracle on Friday, Brenda. My gears seemed to clamp up and my friend had to take me to work, she had to sit and wait on a tow truck and then, she followed my Dodge Avenger (alas, paid off so no warranties…) and then, when she picked me up from my 43rd hour in 4 days of work (yes, we had Memorial Day off but we paid with our hard labor the next days…) we went to the dealership and. . .
        “Voila!” The pieces that were clamping up and had worried me all day thinking it was transmission cost me ZERO dollars! It was all under ‘recall.’ I am not sure if living in my apt. the postcard got mis-delivered with the notice or what?! But, I was so excited we went to the ‘best’ restaurant in town, she had salmon and I had steak, bread and a delicious arugula salad. Yummy and so far ahead in my budget, still! Smiles, maybe a miracle will come your way. My fingers are crossed, now toes… smiles!


        • I had a similar experience. My AC died, and my van is 10 years old, so I thought it might be big money. Or unfixable. But it appeared to just need freon! Yeah! I have to go back next week and let them check again for a leak. But I felt like I came out ahead, too!


  3. I just love the positivity of this Brenda! 🙂 It is glorious! I had a very horrible nightmare last night and woke up completely disturbed, and then reading this was so lovely! I thought I just need to forget the nightmare and put on my light so I can shine out into the world today too 🙂 ❤


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