Snowy Trees



Snowy trees

Snowy trees up to their knees
In a snow-packed deep freeze.
Bend, creak, snap and sneeze,
Branches speak with the breeze.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: New England has been blessed with about 90 inches of snow in three weeks. Roads are narrow and icy. Snow banks along driveways and roads are mammoth. Visibility is nil. The White Wizard has sent a blizzard unlike any we have ever seen.

60 thoughts on “Snowy Trees

  1. A month of 75 degrees should get rid of it. Sigh. We only had 22″ but it’s still here. It’s been so freezing cold that it’s not melting. Good luck. Beautiful picture and wonderful poem, Seriously, a few warm days and, fingers crossed, some of it will go away. This week we won’t have any 32 days…mostly single digit days. 😦 WHERE IS SPRING AND OUR FAIRY FRIENDS??????


  2. I have kept you and your family, neighbors and my second cousins in my prayers. It is so tragic how crazy the snow has pounded upon the land. You make it look and sound beautiful, which if it were up to us, we would enjoy it and not have to drive or worry about work, school buses or accidents. But the reality is harsh, the photos of the dangerous storm have been on my mind a lot. Take care and this was a lovely poetic description, Brenda.


    • We have just stayed home. The roads are very unsafe. I’ve seen more than one accident when I was out. I also read about a huge one on the highway with 20 cars involved. We are trying to appreciate the snow, though. It is amazing and beautiful, even if dangerous.


  3. You poor poor thing – I am so sorry. We had something similar last year – just keep humming …..”spring will be here…..spring will be here…..” It helps – kinda:)


  4. Brenda, I lived through what you are living in right now. We got dumped with over 7 feet of snow in less then THREE DAYS. I feel so bad for you, I really do. Let’s start doing the Spring Dance to beckon the Spring Faeries to come our way!! Stay warm, my friend. Great photo!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  5. Wow wow wow!!! That is some crazy snow numbers! Where does it all go when it thaws??? OH wow! I was shocked about the snow we got I have all but given up! I love snow but not the trouble it brings with it! 😛


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