Bow to the Snow Queen

Pine Tree with Snow

The tree’s snow cloak drags the ground
Until the snow falls, wind-downed.
Released branch springs up with a shiver,
Like a dog, with a shake and quiver,
Rising from its long, low bend,
To the Snow Queen, its lady friend.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

43 thoughts on “Bow to the Snow Queen

  1. One of my favorite things to do after a blizzard is going out to help that elderly gentleman pine by my driveway, who sometimes can’t quite get up from that bow, and needs a little assistance from me and a broom — and getting a shower of snow for my good deed… And that dog simile — I love it! ^_^


    • I’m so glad you like it, and you like my simile. I saw a branch do that right in front of me. I had to write it down. Then I wondered it anyone else would relate, and I slept on it. Then I liked it even more the next day. Funny how things work that way sometimes. Thanks for your input! Warmly, Brenda

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  2. My poetic friend… I just got lots of pictures from the snowy NY… not so snowy as expected but still impressive… Minus 2Β°C even here.. I giorni della Merla… What can we do??

    But for some reason, your words warm me up….


  3. The velvet or (don’t get offended “PETA” followers, but it looks like this) ermine fur coat is so lovely. Brenda, I can imagine the Snow Queen seeking warmth from this coat. The heaviness and thickness makes me imagine the weight on her shoulders, too.


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