Frosted Pain

Frost on window

Frost snakes
Down the pane
Blurring the lane.
Cold rattles,
TV prattles,
Frozen thought:
What was sought
By crazy terrorists
Killing cartoonists?
The earth may still turn
But do what we learn?
Did they feel pain and rage?
Want a world stage?
But don’t praise god —
Your reasoning is flawed.
Revenge, blood, death,
Stop and take a breath.
Remember joy and love,
They come from above.
Embrace life and creation
And stop the devastation.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Je suis Charlie. I am Charlie. I stand with free press and with peace through love of differences. I honor all religions, and my heart weeps for all the Jews who feel fear, all the Christians who feel under attack, all the muslims who don’t agree with the actions of terrorists, and all the other religions who feel sorrow. I feel sorrow at having to explain these events to children and immense sadness for the families of victims. No matter your beliefs, please help me speak out against violence and terror.

28 thoughts on “Frosted Pain

  1. Brenda, I have a post on my menu that stipulates I have a right to do in my private life the way I honor God, and that it is no one else’s business. That came about when I started getting emails asking me if I was a Christian and if I was not, that person would not follow me. Really? Do not get me going there! I deliberately stay away from religion or politics at Petals because that is not what Petals is about. It is heart breaking that so much atrocity has been committed all in the name of religion and God. How horribly sad. I agree with Gigi, I wish we could just learn how to be people, accepting each other exactly for who the other is. Many times religious views get in the way of this. It should not be this way, but it is. This is a hot topic for me. I will step down from my podium now. *blush* Love, Amy


    • Dear Amy, I respect your privacy on this issue, and I agree that we all need to learn to accept each other. We certainly shouldn’t kill each other over it!! Thanks for adding your voice even though you usually stay away from religion. I mostly want to advocate a ceasefire, not a cease-religion. Hugs, Brenda

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      • And I will advocate a ceasefire right along with you, Brenda, because for many, religion brings guidance and great comfort to them. Now why would anyone wish to take that away from them? I wouldn’t. My goal is to accept all in all lifestyles. Now, I don’t go hanging out with murderers and such, just sayin’, but, you would be surprised how much Love so many people want and without judgment, I give it. (((HUGS))) and great post!!! Love, Amy


      • Your choice of the word cease-fire is excellent. I was disturbed to hear some of the participants at the Je suis Charlie rally use the word ‘war’ as in war for freedom. I prefer your ‘stand’.


        • Thanks. I agree, framing the discussion as being about war just justifies more violence. Stop making and selling automatic weapons. We need to stop profiting on a product whose sole aim is to kill as many people as efficiently and quickly as possible. That should not be a goal in a peaceful world. What honor is there in that kind of brutality? But now I’m really sticking my neck out there for the hawks to aim for my jugular.


    • I understand your point of view, but I couldn’t wish away traditions that give billions comfort. I think we need to stop blaming god. People are murderous. Just because they quote god or a prophet as justification doesn’t mean that god is pulling the trigger.

      Si Dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.
      (If God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him.)

      — Voltaire


  2. Yes, so sad and definitely makes the earth stand still in shock, shakes us to our very roots and then, we must move forward out of the darkness again. Very nice ‘Frosted Pain’ poem, Brenda.


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