Winter Goddess

Tiny snowflakes on leaves

Tiny snowflakes fall like stars.
Crystals twinkle on my boots,
Glowing with spun-sugar magic.
Jack Frost dances just out of sight,
Sending temperatures plummeting.
Infant-flakes lay cradled in russet leaves.
Snow flurries billow like the
Translucent skirts of a Winter Goddess.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

45 thoughts on “Winter Goddess

  1. Living here on the coast, your poems are the best taste of winter I get, and it’s always moderated so beautifully, not like that stuff New York and Buffalo got hit with. So thanks for being my friendly weather-person. Read you later.


  2. I love the Winter Goddess’s gown and the lovely infant snowflakes cradled in russet leaves, Brenda. I like when I think how you inspired and encouraged me to write a story about Jack Frost. I should re-blog it someday in the Winter! smiles!


    • I don’t know how I missed this. I was going through my blog, post by post, and I found this unanswered! Thanks for your lovely compliment, and you should reblog your Jack Frost story. I remember liking it very much! Hugs, Brenda


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