Crowned Cats

Echinacea Seedpods with snow

Echinacea seedpods,
Ruffled and out of sorts,
With your cat faces,
Squashed by snowy caps.
Snow is still thin,
Yet will come thicker soon.
Eventually you will win,
Another spring will come.
Your roots will labor and birth a
New crop of seed pods,
Born to wear snowy crowns.
So the seasons go around.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

The Winter Fairy

Here is a Winter Fairy to warm your hearts from Line and her new Granny’s Garden website, where she has collected all her children’s poetry. I hope you have a moment to visit her new site. It’s a delight! 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Brenda

Tales from the Fairies


In Granny’s winter garden
there lives a tiny thing
it is a winter fairy
and her fairy kin

She frosts the little Evergreens
and glazes the flower beds
and sings a soothing lullaby
for the flowers sleeping in their beds

She paints white frosted roses
on granny’s window glass
and lights a thousand sparklers
in the snowy grass

She captures moonlight in a jar
and pours it in a cup
to make the little snowdrops grow
and pop their heads up

She gathers all the little pets
who stays through winter days
and keep them warm through the night
in little moss-laid beds

She feeds the baby squirrels
with tasty little nuts
and pats their tiny bushy tails
and helps them to grow up

She keeps the garden lovely
and takes good care of all
even in the coldest night
she cares for big and small

And when the winter’s…

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