Birdbath Central

Birdbath in Autumn

A still pool of rainwater,
Kissed by garnet and citrine maple leaves,
Reflects the cool Autumn sunshine.
A bluejay shakes his wings,
Scattering crystal gems of water.
Wild turkeys gather fallen seeds below;
Their plumage blends into the
Brown, rust and orange leaves.
A juvenile robin dips a toe and shivers.
The damp smell of wet leaves
Rises into the warming day,
Mingling with the scent of cedar and pine.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

30 thoughts on “Birdbath Central

  1. Oh, I love this so much Brenda!!! 🙂 I thought the birdbath was a mirror at first 🙂 It looks like that! It is so so fairy-like! 🙂 I love your poem too, so so much! 🙂
    Brenda, I wanted to tell you that I have now started a website where I have collected my poems and stories for children, here is the link if you want to visit: I think you might like the newest poem “Snowdrop”, at least I hope so. If you go to the “a little bit about me” page you can find some very funny pictures of me and of my granny’s house in winter-time! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. I really like all your recent fall photos and poems. It makes me nostalgic for my boyhood home in Iowa with all the lovely fall maples. In Texas leaves are either green or brown… holding on by a rare raindrop… or dead.


  3. Oh, your words paint such beautiful and colorful pictures. The photograph was almost irrelevant… citrine, garnet crystal gems and the blue bird, (blue jay) could be a stained glass image of the birdbath circle of life.


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