Gossamer Milkweed Etheree

Milkweed pods

Look like
Green gators,
Snapping at air,
Hungry mouths open,
Toothy grin spilling silk:
Brownies harvest, spin and weave
Gossamer Fairy Court dresses.
Milkweed’s a Monarch butterfly house:
Holds eggs and feeds baby caterpillars.


Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is an etheree, a form that starts with one syllable on the first line and increases to 10, one syllable per line.

34 thoughts on “Gossamer Milkweed Etheree

  1. Thank-you for the lovely poem, and for the heads-up on the Monarch, and its need of the Milkweed. I shall be doing more research to discover how all this relates to the climate here on the Canadian West Coast, and will be acting accordingly, though in my case these days (I now live in an apartment) that means advising friends who have garden spaces larger than I.


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