White Magic

White Petunias

White petunias made a happy, bright sight
Around the lair of the white witch.
So surrounded by beauty and light,
It gave the dark mage a painful twitch.

His sickness was incurable, burning hot,
All dark cures failed, until he found white.
Her cures were so learned and pure
He forever left behind his dark night.

He’d been angry, lonely and evil,
But with yarrow, dittany and hells bane
Gathered under the moon in a forest primeval,
The cure also turned him to swain.

For years he’d been impetuous and bad,
But no more would he stomp, crush or blight.
His dark eyes sparkled and were glad,
For when he met her, he found delight.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

34 thoughts on “White Magic

  1. I like this…but then I am always liking your tales of Witches and Faeries 🙂
    even the wirch will be drawn to the bad boy I think, or maybe she sees past it
    a waonderful tale Brenda, Thank you for sharing and ending with a smile
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. So lovely!! Every year for about 10 years I would take photos of my daughter in front of the petunias in the front lawn…they were at its nicest now until her birthday, August 31st…this photo reminds me of those times. Thank you!!


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