Pixilation Sensation

Lavender Moon Girl is back with a delightful poem that takes us to a wildflower meadow, spins us in dizzy circles and plays us faery fanfares. What fun on a Sunday! Have a great week upcoming! Brenda

Lavender Moon: Artist, Poet and Lover of Nature

Pixilation Sensation

Pixilation sensation!
Elixir elation.
Bopping daisies,
Faery fanfares,
Dainty cornflowers
Jauntily courting.
Butterflies cavorting!

Back to normal this week after the excitement of my sonโ€™s wedding. Iโ€™m still downloading the photographs and promise I will delight you with pictures of the joyful occasion soon! This morning,walking near the village of Sandridge near St.Albans,we came accross this amazing field blazing with summer colour. It was such a feast, too much to resist! Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Pixilation Sensation

  1. Thank you Brenda for the reblog and thanks for all your lovely comments. I’m so glad that ‘Pixilation Sensation’ has brightened up your days and I’m flattered that you’d like my photo on your screens. I’m thinking about putting it on a big canvas in my lounge to remind me of lazy summer days. ๐Ÿ™‚


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